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Treating Customers Fairly

At Paladin Commercial, customer focus lies at its core principles, and a result our Treating Customers Fairly Policy is an integral part of those principles.

Officially, a firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and must treat them fairly

Paladin requires all of our staff to apply the principles of TCF in their work, regardless of their role.

Paladin will take individual circumstances into account and apply the six TCF outcomes that the FCA believes constitutes fair treatment.

Debt Collection Services

UK and International Collections

At Paladin we specialise in resolving cash flow issues by overcoming overdue and slow moving accounts. Overdue accounts can represent a real and ever present problem for many businesses that adversely affects their overall performance. Repercussions of late payments can be severe as not only will it restrict growth but it can damage relationships with clients and suppliers alike.

Debt collection is a demanding, stressful and time consuming process. In any business around 80% of customers represent 20% of turnover (Pareto's Law) which means that an organisation can spend a lot of time and effort to recover a fraction of their debt and not being able to concentrate fully on the section of customers that make up the lion's share of their business.

In-house debt collection can also prove costly therefore outsourcing provides a realistic solution. Debt recovery has always been a core element of Paladin's business and we consider ourselves to be an extension of your in-house financial team.

We employ an established workflow of letters, e-mails and telephone calls, escalating our efforts at each stage to ensure efficient collection.

Whether your trade debts are credit insured or not, Paladin's team of debt collection negotiators provides a value for money approach tailored to your needs.

Online Interactive Service

By accessing our real-time online reporting service, accounts can be uploaded to our system instantly, regardless of the size or number of debts.

You can look in detail at the progress of an individual debt placed with us and send comments or instructions to us in real-time using our web messenger service.

You can access a comprehensive range of reports showing the history of all accounts ever placed with us. Each report contains all relevant information on the debtor and all work that has been one on the account.

Sales Ledger Management

Sales Ledger Management allows you to have your accounts receivables ledger processed either in part or in full. It can be an effective method of unlocking the cash tied up in your business through unpaid invoices. Laborious tasks such as debt collection or ledger management can be outsourced in this way on an on-going basis or to help you over seasonal peaks in your business.

Our expert credit negotiators ensure accurate information is produced allowing you to monitor your cash flow at all times.

Time previously spent supervising your sales ledger staff and dealing with technology issues is then freed up giving you the opportunity to concentrate on your core business.

Often after a merger or re-structuring companies require a clear up of old debt on their sales ledger. We have considerable experience in this area with significant success in reducing clients' DSO. This allows our clients to concentrate on the day-to-day collection of current debt.

In order to maximise client satisfaction we offer this service in two distinct manners.


Outsourcing Credit Management will increase the speed of payment by creditors thereby reducing DSO and improving cash flow.

We usually operate in our clients' name and manage the process in accordance with your own policies whilst giving you the benefit of our expertise.

Outsourcing can bring substantial advantages, saving you the need to employ and manage staff. It can also become a variable cost allowing you to change the size of your team according to demand.


Often companies encounter "head count restraint" issues or programmes that inhibits their recruitment policies. This can create difficulties in businesses that have seasonal peaks.

By using Paladin's insourcing facility, you would be able to replace or increase your own staffing requirements to suit your business.

In this capacity, Paladin will ensure that you avoid HR headaches by reducing department churn.

Our expert staff will be able to service your needs on site at your convenience.

Litigation & Tracing

Should your customer fail to pay we may recommend legal action be instigated. Paladin's own in-house legal team, allows us to provide you with a comprehensive litigation service handling all the necessary Court papers and managing the process through to judgement and, if necessary, enforcement

We offer expert handling of both straightforward and defended claims whilst always maintaining a commercial approach, looking to negotiate out-of-court settlements wherever possible. By managing progress on legal cases very closely we have developed a significant success rate at both County Court and High Court. For undefended actions our legal fees are fixed, based on standard Court rates. Fees for defended actions are highly competitive and always discussed and agreed in advance with our clients.

Companies are often forced to write-off debts because a debtor has moved away leaving no forwarding address or contact details. In fact it is very difficult to disappear completely and we can help you with our quick and efficient tracing service allowing you to pursue a debtor further. Paladin's tracing service is inexpensive and in the event that we are unable to trace a debtor we will not charge you for the effort involved.

Credit Information

For your company to minimise risk and maximise revenue and to remain efficient and healthy, an understanding of your clients' long-term business viability is essential. Staying informed of any changes in their status is the only way to grow your customer portfolio without growing your risk exposure.

We also offer the facility for ongoing monitoring of the financial status of existing accounts thereby alerting you to critical events at an early stage and reducing the risk of debt problems.

We offer a comprehensive range of credit reports, from the top leading databases in the industry, which can be ordered on-line and delivered to you within minutes:

  • ICC

International Reporting Service

Access to credit reports on over 60 million companies and businesses worldwide. All International credit reports are in an easy to use, standardised European format, containing information on finances, payment history, structure and a lot more.

UK Credit Report

Reports are available on limited and non-limited businesses in the UK. Containing information on Shareholders, Directors and their addresses and multiple directorships, County Court Judgments, 4 years of profit & loss and balance sheet data, key ratios, industry comparisons and credit rating.

Credit Monitoring

We also offer the facility for ongoing monitoring of the financial status of existing accounts thereby alerting you to critical events at an early stage and reducing the risk of debt problems. Creditwatch monitors any UK company of your choice and alerts you as soon as a critical event occurs.

Director Reports

A comprehensive, detailed report per individual Director or company officer giving, home address, the appointment date, position and occupation of the individual, and the Company Credit Risk category are stated for all appointments under active, dissolved and insolvency action companies. The company resignations per individual also appear.

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