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Treating Customers Fairly

At Paladin Commercial, customer focus lies at its core principles, and a result our Treating Customers Fairly Policy is an integral part of those principles.

Officially, a firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and must treat them fairly

Paladin requires all of our staff to apply the principles of TCF in their work, regardless of their role.

Paladin will take individual circumstances into account and apply the six TCF outcomes that the FCA believes constitutes fair treatment.

Our Business


At Paladin we offer a wide range of credit management solutions to our clients. Some of our client partners operate in specific sectors which require specialist knowledge and expertise. Paladins management team has a deep understanding of these industries and as a result has designed bespoke services which have been tailored to the needs of individual firms.

In addition to our various debt collection and ledger management services in 2009 Paladin entered the debt purchase market, acquiring a number of its clients receivables portfolios. This service has extended to the retail credit market where Paladin actively buys interest free credit which has been extended by its retail clients. See tabs above for more information of our services.

Debt Collection

Our collection services can be used by any type of business which grants credit to its customers. Whether they are experiencing difficulty in being paid or insufficient resources to chase its debtors Paladin can help as we are experts in debt collections. At Paladin we recognise the importance of our business partners relationship with their customers and therefore operate to a strict code of conduct and professionalism, however we do not let this compromise our effectiveness. Our expertise, technology and assertive culture consistently achieve high quality results maximising our clients cash flow.

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Debt Purchase

Should your business wish to monetise the value tied up in its bad debt accounts or simply accelerate the cash flow from its delinquent portfolio, we at Paladin are active in the debt purchase market and would be keen to conduct a prompt portfolio valuation. Having secured private funding we can be flexible and move quickly in the agreement and execution of sale and purchase contracts allowing your business to free up significant capital tied up in your distressed receivables.

The timetable for evaluating, pricing and purchasing trade debt portfolios can be quite elongated as portfolio trades can become complex due to funding restrictions and limitations. As the economic environment has become more demanding our clients have benefited from our ability to be flexible and move quickly.

Invoice Discounting

If your business operates an invoice credit policy for its customers or offers interest free credit or a sales aid credit agreement, there may be circumstances where you would benefit from selling these trade receivables to improve cash flow. Alternatively the costs associated with administering the credit control and collections, together with the work involved in chasing overdue accounts may lead you to consider a regular sale of your outstanding receivables.

At Paladin we have acquired client partners outstanding invoices and sales aid credit agreements, assisting their business models, allowing them to increase sales in a challenging market. We have also entered into repeat flow agreements providing our clients with a monthly or quarterly drawdown against receivables .

Telecoms Credit Management

Mobile solutions

International Roaming is one of the most important services in any mobile operator portfolio. Paladin offers a number of solutions to the international mobile industry, specialising in outsource and consulting services to the Roaming sector. Roaming continues to provide Mobile Operators with up to 20% of their overall revenue streams and Paladin has created a suite of services which can help assist operators in optimising their credit to cash cycle, improve cash flows and profits, and reduce the levels of bad debt incurred from their Roaming partners, whilst delivering added revenue assurance and reduced revenue leakage.

Account Receivables Management and Debt Collection

Strong Account Receivable departments are essential to support the success of any business, but statistics show that up to 10% of inter-operator roaming debt is still outstanding 180 days post due date. By combining industry leading collection practices, cutting edge technology, and a team of roaming sector veterans; Paladin can provide an ideal solution for operators looking to improve collection efficiency levels; freeing up internal resources for other key functions, and eradicating internal head-aches currently faced within many roaming and finance departments.

Irrespective of whether operators use a clearing house to settle their roaming traffic, or whether they undertake the process in-house, Paladin can provide a perfect, outsource solution for clients via either a full ledger outsource, ledger clear-up, or special collection project; ensuring roaming revenues are delivered to clients bottom line in the fastest, most efficient and assured way possible.

Fraud Mediation and Settlement

Unfortunately, despite the continued efforts on protection, fraud levels within the roaming industry are still on the rise. As well as the significant financial impact these abusive practices can have on operators, it can also put long standing commercial relations under considerable strain.

Even the most robust fraud prevention and protection procedures can still fail to prevent operators from the increasingly organised and sophisticated fraudsters; a point proven by the fact that annual fraud losses in the Telecoms industry are estimated to be running at about $40 Billion globally. Paladin, in conjunction with our expert industry partners, can greatly reduce the financial impact on those operators who have been exposed to fraudulent traffic within their networks. By managing each case independently, drilling down to the core facts in order to establish exactly where liability for these fraudulent costs lie, we can successfully represent, mediate and negotiate settlement on behalf of clients for the financial losses incurred through fraudulent activity, without any adverse or negative impact on client partner relations.